I Do
Apr 2020
#moiremax #moiresurabaya

Do you know that a photo not only can tell you a thousand words about the moment, but also a story about the photographer? A photo actually can show the photographer’s genuine character, mood, and point of view. What I mean by point of view is that you can see what takes more of his/her attention. Is it feelings and mood of the people in frame, small details related to the event, or playing with layers and shadow to create artworks?

I love freezing the moments in an event, I like to capture the feelings of the people around me, but I normally won’t get too deep with those feelings. Basically I am an ignorant person, but certain times I could be shedding tears on site while documenting a holy matrimony process. It gets personal to me when I do know their love story, or the background story of their wedding vow. I can somehow feel great joy seeing the couple and their family experience such blessing. This chessy feeling I got is also one of the reasons that kept me doing wedding photography.

Those feelings got doubled when the person getting married is one of my close friends. Wibowo is one of them. We are good friends during college years. We partied, got drunk, even fought together. Survived bad marks, rejection from girls, and all the lows of college years. We had great (and stupid) memories.

So glad to see a better version of us. To see how he found Monica, a beautiful lady that walks beside him, not in front, not behind, and most importantly able to handle this mischievous guy. 

I speak blessing upon your marriage, Wo & Mon, blessed with children, blessed until your hair turns grey.