I Do
Feb 2020
Photography: I Do
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When we hear a quote that “love is a verb,” no one disagrees. Love is portrayed by something you do.

I believe most of you have heard about Love Language. It is a very useful concept about humans and how we relate to another human being. The concept was developed by Dr. Gary Chapman, he believes that every person has their own language to perceive love. He suggested that there are 5 possible languages a person can use to receive love.

There are 5 love languages: Words of affirmation, Acts of service, Receiving gifts, Quality time, and Physical touch. 

Why is it very useful for couples? Let;s think about it. Now imagine what would you do to celebrate your wedding anniversary? You might pick one of these: a fancy dinner, a sweet little something wrapped nicely, a collage of past years travel, a short getaway to your dream destination, or any other sweet things of your choice. What you pick as the gift actually will define what is your primary love language. But keep in mind that there is a possibility that your spouse does not speak the same love language as yours. In fact every person has their own primary language. 

If I have quality time as my primary love language, I would appreciate it if we go to my dream destination, just the two of us. But instead, if I am a receiving gifts person, I would rather receive a little something wrapped thoughtfully and nicely picked by my spouse as a gift. This is the reason why at times what we received from our spouse will not make us feel loved. Knowing what is yours and your spouse’s love language will warm up your relationship.

Now how do you know what your spouse’s love language is? Making guesses and reviewing each of the languages on your spouse might be the tricky way.  Asking questions might be a big help. Direct questions and open discussions will always be the easiest path. For your information, the 5 love languages concept does not work only for romantic relationships, but it is applicable on every relationship and not age limited. The concept is applicable for elderly as well as for kids, keeping in mind that one’s love language changes over time.