I Do
Feb 2020
Photography: I Do
#moirefen #moiresurabaya

We really appreciate our relationship with our clients. We first met in a photographer and client, then our friendship developed right from that point. Irvan+Ivana trusted me as their engagement photographer. From the beginning I can see that they are very cute together. Let me put 3 words about this couple: modern, cute, and adorable. Ivana knows that she wants clean, sweet, yet minimalist photos. Exactly how I style my pictures.

It is a good start when the couple came to us with the understanding and agreement about what to and not to be on their photos. Even after years of dates and quarrels, couples find it hard to find an agreement about photo concepts. Bride to be tends to want it all sweet and girly, too girly for the groom to be. This time, Ivana won the fight, Hoyt trusts her pick.

Knowing that they love the result of their engagement photos flew me to cloud nine. She loved it so much, she asked the Moire team if I was available on their wedding day. And so Ivana told me that she wanted me to be the photographer for their wedding day. 

Ivana’s dress was one of a kind. Detailed beading on her morning long-sleeved dress compliments her. Her sweetness pierced through her eyes. Hoyt looked charming and caring towards Ivana. It was a memorable day for both Hoyt+Ivana and their extended families. A pleasure for me to be there capturing memories.