I Do
Feb 2020
#moiremax #moiresurabaya

Moire believes in Indonesian proverbs “tak kenal maka tak sayang.” It means you have to really know someone/something in order to grow the affectionate version of you towards them. I am that person who likes to meet the couple that we’re going to shoot in advance. From that meeting, I wanted to see their natural interactions with each other, recognizing what makes them comfortable or not, knowing their expectations. Of course trying to build their trust.

Aldo+Karina trusted us on their 3 photo sessions. Firstly we went to Japan, followed by a studio photo session, and we went to Sumba for another session. Three trips are more than enough for me to say that I know these guys. We even meet up casually, merely just to talk about life and photography. After some time, I can say that we have common interests and ways of thinking. I am honored to be part of their love journey.

What I could easily recall from their wedding day is that they were able to enjoy that special day. They have more time to take photos. Aldo even had the time for himself to take a shower and change into relaxed shorts. In many cases I found couples being too focused with the outcomes on their big day. They get nervous and stressed where they are supposed to be enjoying everything. Don’t think they enjoy their big day as much.

There are some solutions for couples on their wedding or even pre wedding preparations. Most couples get puzzled,  stressed, not knowing what they actually need to do, where they can simply ask people around them for help. Just like Aldo+Karina, they contact us now and then asking for simple questions related to our coming photo session. I prefer it that way, so that we will communicate better on our expectations.

Those questions helped us to relax and worryless on the big day, knowing all the preparations are completely done. What’s next? Enjoy it! Let it flow... That’s life, right? Whatever happens happens. Most important is for them to enjoy each other's company!