I Do
Feb 2020
#moiremax #moiresurabaya

There are many kinds of clients that Moire had. Stanley+Meidy is one of the calmest couples we crossed paths with. They were very calm, even when the sun was hiding all the time during their photo session. Just when we decided to get back to the room, the sun showed up. Thankfully we got the chance to take pictures inside the room.

Just like Stanley+Meidy’s photo session, there is time for everything. It is about acknowledging what moment you are on, and making the best out of it. They say “bring your own sunshine wherever you go.”

I believe their calm characteristic is supported by their contentment and happiness. Feeling content and happy about things around you is something you build up daily, until it becomes a mindset and habit. A person with such characteristics will be so much fun to be around, they won’t absorb your energy. 

When it goes dark, no sunshine is available within a reachable radius. Don't worry, there is also the wisdom for that, “the darker the night, the brighter the stars.” Contentment and happiness will get you to look for the bright side.

In this world, things will come to you without prior notice. You gotta be ready, when everything is good, be grateful. When things go wrong, be teachable. There is time for everything.