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Apr 2022
The Uniqueness
#moiremax #moiresurabaya

Every couple must be unique, right? From that uniqueness, it makes us whether we accept it or reject it. The uniqueness' can be seen if we have known our partner for a long time.

5 years ago, when I was in 2nd grade in high school. There was an adult male figure, with a 7 year age difference, that attracted me, and maybe he was either. But uniquely, he prefers to communicate more with my parents than with me. Until last July last year, he approached me and had a serious relationship with me and decided to get married 4 months later.

The happy day has arrived. We chose a traditional wedding theme. It is not because we are thick with customs, but the series of events in this traditional wedding have philosophy and meaning, as well as prayer. Preparing for this event is certainly very difficult, especially in this modern era. Starting from clothing designers who are in Jakarta so we have difficulty in fitting clothes, looking for wedding organizer who understands Javanese traditional weddings, and of course photographers who can profesionally visualize this event.

Luckily, we ran into Moire. Served by crews who are very capable of working well, able to direct the style for me who is stiff when posing, able to communicate and collaborate with us and the wedding organizer to produce some really beautiful photos. Position, time, and angle are very important things to consider when taking photos during prewedding and weddings. This traditional wedding event is synonymous with strong details and colors, and Moire is able to create it without compromising the idealism or characteristics of Moire Photography itself.

Although this event requires more difficult and unique detailing, but we enjoyed it. We accept all the uniqueness.