I Do
May 2020
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As a perfectionist woman with design as my education background, I mostly work behind the camera. To be noted, I also enjoy being lensed, posing as the muse in front of the camera. But apparently coming down to my own pre wedding and wedding moments, it is quite the opposite. Me and Naaman were not into perfectly arranged poses.

Both me and Naaman enjoyed our pre wedding session as if we were merely going on a trip abroad with some friends. We strolled down small alleys, taking photos at a random park instead of Musee du Louvre, taking candid photos while munching on McD’s french fries, and we danced on a sidewalk. Those not-so-arranged photos will be treasured forever. Those photos taken by Max did the magic freezing the time. Whenever we see those photos, we can recall all the chats and jokes we laugh about at that particular moment. We keep our memories, not only keeping the beautiful photos. 

Moire has always been there on almost every special step we took for our relationship. When Naaman and his family came to my parents, witnessed by closest families and friends, Moire was there. His dad officially proposed to my dad, to take me as his daughter in law, wife to Naaman. I was so content with the photos and video result.

As we begin our journey as husband and wife, Moire was also there capturing moments. Doing their magic, freezing moments. For me and Naaman, it is much better to have familiar faces around to help us during that day. Having Moire team as our photographer was one of our best decisions. They have known our style, known our best angle, known what we like or dislike. No more awkward moments around during our wedding day.

I was also glad, Moire captured two surprises that got me crying in the spotlight. There was one moment where the MC was supposed to call some of my friends to be interviewed. All my close friends came up instead, they brought me a surprise gift and sang for me. Naaman gave a surprise that I never thought of before. He also sang for me right before our first dance. He sneaked out from me and got private vocal class just to get ready for this. A day full of love, indeed.

Our wedding was beyond our expectations. So, I am now gladly sharing with you our wedding day memories, from the lens of 3 Moire Photographers.