I Do
Apr 2020
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Time is something relative. Each relationship blooms at their own pace, it grows by time. Just like a plant.. The seed will break and start to grow it’s root. The root will grow toward the water source. Now here is a question to think together, what or who is the source for your relationship?

Some couples I know confidently said that God is the center of their relationship. This one couple made it to be walking on the Altar and walk out as husband and wife. They have been facing ten years of trials, tested by time and distance too. Here is their story….

Back in 2010, they were colleagues, working for the same company, in Jakarta. That is the point where their professional friendship escalated into something romantic. A few years later, Monika has to go back to her hometown. They agreed to put their relationship into the test of time and distance. While doing so, both Mario and Monika also asked God to guide their relationship. If it is meant to be, it will be.

After almost 2 years being separated, in the year 2017 Monika got another shot to move back to Jakarta. But all this time passed, Mario did not get the green light from Monika’s parents. Seems like all of Mario+Monika’s effort was not enough to convince them. In reverse, both Mario+Monika are certain that they belong together. Though Monika admitted that there are also times that even Monika herself questions this relationship. 

With all those tests and experiences passed, they got back to each other, no matter how hard it was to be together. They fought really hard for this relationship. Until one day, they both decided to take further steps on their relationship. They are certain that they have found a lifetime partner and going to keep fighting for this relationship, this marriage.As their wedding photographer, I can guarantee that they were happy that day. When it is real, it shows. Life may not happen as you planned it, but make sure it is worth every second.

I am honored to be sharing with you their wedding moments. Your wedding speaks a lot to me, taught me how precious love is. Now I know that for some couples, they do shed blood and tears to fight for each other. Which also remind me a quote from Mitch Albom,
“Love wins, love always wins.”