I Do
Apr 2020
Photography: I Do
#moirefen #moiresurabaya

Every couple has their own story. How they first met, how they show affection in public, their inside jokes, how they interact with their extended families, and many more things only the two understand. Weddings would be the manifestation of all that.

Most weddings are long-term projects. Someone I knew took years until they were fully ready to hold their wedding. There are also couples that made it possible to prepare their wedding in less than six months. What I am very sure is that every wedding is special in their own way. This wedding is pretty special to me. Kris is not a stranger to me, I captured his elder brother’s wedding, Tommy+Ivana. I witnessed how both weddings were truly intimate, attended by handpicked guests. And also, I definitely can tell you that Kris+Angela enjoyed their wedding day. Their love to each other and the love from the guests for them filled the building. 

It is an honor to me to take part on your wedding day, a part of your story.
Here is a poem Kris+Angela wrote to their spouse. Apparently that is how Kris+Angela’s love yielded into words.

satu tumbuh menghijau
dua memekar merah
melangkah dari lampau
menuju fajar merekah

dua puluh delapan
dua puluh enam
dua insan
erat menggenggam

sebelas januari
di altar bersua
inilah hari
kita, ‘tak lagi dua


Dibuat saling menyapa
Akhirnya mencari kata
Memperkenalkan asa
Memperlihatkan rasa

Hati berbicara
memecah angin bersuara
Tuhan mengatur semesta
membuka mata
Aku akan setia
Menemanimu setiap masa