I Do
Feb 2021
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Humans are complex, yet very fragile. A simple hello with a smile could brighten up someone’s day, or maybe week. When the storm of life hits, the same person could crash down and find it hard to get back up. 

Storms of life come without warnings, they will never have the right timing to come visit you. Having a healthy inner-circle is a great deal in times like that. High-quality friends are counted as blessings in life. Friends that help you stay positive, strong, true yet mindful of yourself and others too. As a friend, what would you do? Besides inner-circle, you would also be thankful for a supportive spouse. 

Your spouse took the vow to stay with you no matter what. Then your spouse is supposed to be with you when the storm comes. This couple proved that they will stick to each other during the storm. Vicy stayed, managed to be Kevin’s one buoy, kept him afloat and strong. Her kind heart convinced her to stay and help him get through. Vicy has seen Kevin in his lowest state, and stayed. Kevin has seen how strong and supportive she was. She trusted him.

And now they are married, vowed in front of God, relatives, and friends that they will stick with each other.

The whole Moire team had the chance to witness a wedding of two souls, staying together through ups and downs. A celebration of genuine love and heart-touching moments with parents.

We will also post their same-day edit video soon. Indulge in their heart-felt story, here.