I Do
Aug 2022
Photography: I Do
#moirefen #moirejakarta

Happiness will always be given by God to those who love each other. No matter how their lives are, how far apart they are, as long as they have love and believe in God, they will continue to find joy. And our deepest hope is that this joy can last forever.

The joy that God had just given one of our couples is their short meeting. Until they decided to go to the next level of relationship, marriage. This marriage was a big decision for them but it was still accomplished with God's intervention.

In the midst of the pandemic, undergoing a Long Distance Relationship, made everyone think it's impossible for 2 people to go through the introduction-dating-to-marriage period. However, that is not the case for them. Their first acquaintance happened via whatsapp and it was through a mutual friend. She (Jess) in Jakarta and he (Jon) in Australia, made their introduction felt unbelievable. After 6 months of dating, they decided to get married. Although it was surely not easy, all of their family members were supportive and very helpful during the wedding preparations. Jon and Jess focused on pre-wedding guidance to prepare them for life after marriage, and their parents helped to make their holy matrimony ran smoothly. Really, they were grateful for that.

As they held their holy matrimony, they gave Moire a chance to capture their moments, with the theme of Eden, or Back to Paradise. Where we were all transported back to the first marriage that took place: between Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden. The color theme highlighted all-whites, which symbolized holiness and purity. In addition, there was also a tea ceremony with an Indonesian theme. Because even though they are racially Chinese, they were both born and live in Indonesia. So they unified the traditions of the Chinese tea ceremony, while the decorations and clothing highlighted Indonesian elements, such as banana leaves, birds of paradise, and etc.

Jon and Jess are an expressive type of couple. With the theme they have chosen, they hope that we could capture the moments as they expected. Some of our photographer, Fenty and Tiff who shot their holy matrimony day, as well as Max and Dicky who handled the post-wedding and reception sessions. And sure enough, they felt satisfied with the Moire team. They said we were cohesive, quick, and already knew enough about their personalities to capture their moments as expected. So we said thank you for giving us that chance.

From their love story, it makes all of us really feel that anything can happen with God's intervention, and what God has unified can't be separated by humans.