I Do
Mar 2021
Photography: I Do
#moirefen #moiresurabaya

When you know, you know..” That’s the famous saying we often heard as the answer to “how do you know he or she is the one?”
It might be the look, it might be their smiles, the dimples on their cheek, or even the cute lines they make when they smile.. There are undoubtedly simple answers to it, but behind every answer lies a deep feeling and memories to it. The memories that define one simple sentence to answer the big question “why?”

Eric and Vega know exactly why they are perfect for each other. They had the chance to do a session with Moire Video, we captured how they confessed their love to each other. We know the fact that people change over time, but seeing how love being the reason behind their change gave us chills. It is not easy to change, we all know. 

Change is the only constant thing in life. Being a girl, I am pretty sure, most of the time I use my feelings to decide. While Vega, managed to use her logic too, while being with Eric. Something good he brings out from Vega. Finally she finds someone who can see her eye to eye, equally. Someone who never treats her less than what a woman deserves. 

Their wedding was intimate and warm, attended by only close friends and relatives. They had a wedding holy matrimony in the morning, followed by a wedding reception in the evening. They picked 2 different venues, 2 different looks for Eric+Vega, they agreed on 2 different vibes for each event. A great, memorable day for both of them.

Hopefully these series of photos will be a pleasant keep-sake for the big family!