I Do
Mar 2021
#moiremax #moiresurabaya

Remember my habit to meet the couple I am going to shoot before the photo session? This pandemic had me cut some slack on this habit. I have met Kathleen from a wedding exhibition we had in 2019, but I have never met Edward before the actual wedding day. All their wedding preparation was done on teleconference meetings. So I met him in person only on their wedding day. 

We knew their actual wedding was not as they dreamed of, but I’m sure postponing their wedding was not a wise decision either. Time cannot wait. Glad that we worked with a team of great vendors. The event was organized beautifully by Poetyque, stunning dresses from Yefta Gunawan, make up by the magic hands of Donny Liem. They made the event even more fun and enjoyable. Working on Edward+Kathleen’s wedding was pleasant, we were not rushed by time.

This pandemic has taught us to be flexible. It even broke my habit, fortunately me and the couple enjoyed our time without any awkwardness. I urged our soon-to-be-married friends to look at the event layer by layer, separating the essence and the complimentary. Keep the essence and make sure it is perfect, give the best we can to keep it beautiful, even if it has to be adjusted to the situation on the field. Try your best not to degrade the quality of your event. Let us do our part to keep all the pretty essence things photographed and documented for your memories.

Edward+Kathleen decided to have an extra photoshoot for their family, which I totally agree with. We brought some lighting equipment and background for the shoot. Yefta provided a dress for Kathleen. So we had extra time shooting for the family and also for the newlywed couple to have one more photo session. You’ll find some photos of Kathleen in red dress, that was the extra session. Some of my favorite shots of the couple were taken during that session.

I hope this 1 year old pandemic won’t take your happiness while celebrating the love of your life.