I Do
Sep 2020
#moiremax #moiresapporo

To begin with, like I said in another post, each event has their own special charm. It has special pockets in some corners of my heart. From a lot of weddings (trust me, a lot…) I have attended and participated, this one type of wedding event is very special, a destination wedding. 

Destination Weddings are always fun and meaningful. Devine+Yovani’s destination wedding was not my first destination wedding. But it is quite special, a winter wedding, under the snowy sky. It happened in Sapporo earlier this year. It is always their wedding dream to exchange vows in snowy weather. For, Devine always wanted a destination wedding. Being able to spend time with closest family and friends. It is more like a special trip to a certain destination to witness his wedding day.

Nothing is more special than friendships that start at a very young age. Growing with a lot of memories and experiences to share. Apparently I witnessed it at Devine+Yovani’s destination wedding. How Devine’s friends supported him, helped him, and celebrated with him.. It is not common to see this kind of friendship.

Devine+Yovani might not grow together, as long as Devine’s friendship with his friends. But I can tell you that they are a couple made in heaven. They are both easy going, spontaneous, and fun. Never a dull moment with them. It was either you laughing so hard or shedding happy tears because you were laughing too hard. But in all seriousness, they have some obvious similarities. In how they talk, they share jokes, even their easy going characteristics.

Looking through photos like these gives me hope for a better situation. I do miss being outside, or travelling taking prewedding photos in different sides of the world. Here we are, staying safe, trying our best to protect ourselves and our dearest family during this pandemic.