I Do
May 2020
Photography: I Do
#moireyos #moiresurabaya

Rare sight happened that day. The groom seems to be nervous, even more than the bride. Hence, I tried to create a fun vibe during the morning photo session. I sneaked into the room of the groom and the groomsmen. Took some shots while they were putting on their neck ties. In the other room, Melisa prepared four boxes filled with pretty gifts, stickers, and letters for each one of her best friends, acting as bridesmaid that day.

David+Melisa had fun friends that I am sure of. Speaking of friends, Melisa’s bridesmaids were not wearing dresses, they were covered in suits instead. Pink suits for team bride, black suits for David and his team. Very unusual. Once you look at it, it makes you think, “hm, this is cool!”

Not long after we took some morning shots, the skies got dark and it started to drizzle. David+Melisa actually planned to have their holy matrimony on the venue’s chapel. Since the way to the chapel is not covered, the holy matrimony has to be moved to another indoor venue. That does not matter, I definitely remember how it felt, how sacred and intimate it was.

 At the end of the reception, they decided to pray and give thanks at the chapel. A beautiful way to end a full-of-event-day and enter a new journey of life as husband and wife.