I Do
Mar 2020
#moiremax #moiresurabaya

People say there are only 3 big moments in life: the day you were born, your wedding day, and the day your heart stops beating. I personally love to shoot moments. I prefer to shoot candid moments, where there is a story behind it. So that one when we look back to that photo, we will be reminded of the moment happening.

On the day that you were born, you cannot decide anything. It was all beyond your control. As time goes by we sort of feel that certain things are controllable. We grow up as individuals with dreams and hopes. We are trained to have everything under control. Our wedding day is one of the days that we hope nothing goes unknown. Assigned wedding organizer, wedding planner, wedding stylist, and plan everything ahead.

Some couples are lucky to be able to enjoy the day, worryless. When they are enjoying it, me as the photographe also enjoys the moment and capturing scenes. Well, not every single thing goes under control, but let’s not make that little tiny troubles affect your mood couples!

Just like their prewedding photo session, Amsal+Nani enjoyed their day. Mood was good, happy about everything that happened. I as a wedding photographer is a witness of their holy matrimony. Let‘s say I shoot 2 weddings a week, for these past 10 years, so I witnessed around 900 weddings. Their holy matrimony was one of a kind. I can feel their connection, I shed some tears while they did their gratitude to their parents.

So happy to witness 2 families melt into 1 bigger family.