I Do
Apr 2021
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Wedding is so very underrated. All the fairytale ended with a zoomed out scene of the two main characters doing the wedding kiss. Closed with a well known phrase “...and they live happily, ever after…” while in fact, it is not an ending. Your wedding day is actually a beginning. It is actually a fact that one will acquire along the way as they mature with time. When the time comes, you will somehow have your standards for your future spouse. From my short interview with Amanda, married life does not seem so different from their previous phase, and definitely it is not boring.

Albert+Amanda are both busy during the day, but most of their days would start by getting ready and having breakfast together. Amanda won’t let Albert have breakfast alone without her bothering him, no just kidding. Gladly, both Albert+Amanda have the choice to devote mornings for each other, after breakfast, off they go.. Fast forward, then comes night, dinner is also a sacred time for them. Albert+Amanda would make every effort to have dinner together. Each family has their own routine, now we know one simple example to start.

While Albert is working on his culinary business, Amanda is also busy with her work as a foodie. They are in their working bubbles. Another cents we can take away from today’s reading is: have a shared bubble. As both work closely related to foods, it is one of their shared bubbles. Other than that, working out was also their shared bubble. The comforts of their home and this pandemic reason made them cut off gym visits, but yea, being each other’s company is the third point we learned from Albert+Amanda.

Well now, the question is, have you found a possible shared bubble with your future spouse?