Will You Marry Me?
Apr 2020
#moiremax #moirebangkok

In these moments of physical distancing, I can't help but be grateful to the friends around me. They keep me laughing and productive in the midst of this situation. I was humbled with their online presence and support, also their physical appearance helping me run some errand. These friends around me I believe will put up with my uniqueness for a longer period. Being a good friend during hard times is a characteristic I would love to have. I also admit, we are all limited humans, limited by space and time.

People believe that friendship that lasts for more than 7 years will last forever. It faced the test of time. The people who stayed with you for more than 7 years will stay as long as the world keeps turning. Hearing that made me think of my friends. A name popped up in my head, Wibowo.

Bowo is one of my college mates. I was very happy when Bowo contacted me, it has been too long since our last hi and bye. That time, I almost jumped off my chair knowing he was getting married. Curious about the woman agreeing to marry him! Without prolonging our chit chat, I asked him to spare some time for a meet up with them both. Once we met, we talked about a lot of stuff, it is easy to pick a topic. It is more like a micro reunion because Monica herself is a fun person to be around.

Based on what Monica expects on their prewedding photos we decided to go to Thailand. On this Thailand trip we decided to avoid beaches, try to create some Thailand shots without visiting the beach. We visited parts of Bangkok with traditional and ancient views. We also found a unique studio, booked it and had a blast taking photos there. But we didnt skip the modern part of Bangkok, which flooded with tourists.  Monica loves to pose and is always ready whenever the camera is ready. Taking their prewedding photos is also counted as one of my best memories.