Will You Marry Me?
Jan 2020
#moirefen #moirejapan

Having to take photos of couples here and there had me thinking that any photo sessions success was banked on the planning and preparation. But I also realized that no matter how well your planning was, it is not us who holds the control.

This happened in the photo session of Albert+Adelia. These lovely love birds were so much fun to work with. From the time we first met to discuss the wardrobe and locations to the day we flew to Japan together, I am a living witness of their teamwork. Flying aboard on the same flight with them, shared some stories and laughter, it made our bonds get deeper. 

One of the locations we picked is Chureito Pagoda. This pagoda was built on a hilltop facing the great Mount Fuji. It was April, where it is supposed to be Spring time. But unexpectedly it was snowing pretty hard… There goes our imagined spring scenes with the pagoda.

Never had I imagined that Albert+Adelia would manage to keep on posing and smiling,  did their best on keeping the good mood despite the snow. Yes, that is exactly how they respond to the situation. 

The team and the couple ended up being wet, but we were assured that we will be satisfied with the results. As long as everyone on the team stays happy and cooperates well during the photo sessions, no matter how bad the situation is, they would still be glad with the results. 

I hope that these photos will bring up all the memories we made on the snowy Chureito Pagoda.