Will You Marry Me?
Jan 2020
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My friendship with Aldo+Karina dates back to the days when I started my photography journey. Each meetup and discussion leads to a better perception about this couple. A serene yet curious guy entangled with a creative lady. Pretty valid for me to say that they value art as much as they value people. When they see an artwork, they also see the process from scratch until the artwork is presented, and they do appreciate it. Talking from an artist's point of view it is always nice to discuss art with people who know art.

Having our pre wedding photo project ahead of us makes our friendship grow even deeper. Aldo+Karina have some great concepts and ideas for their pre wedding. To be honest it was fun and challenging. Their ideas were aligned with Moire’s taste and style, so why not? 

I can see that they put their heart and mind into this photo session. Aldo+Karina decides on the details to make their dream pre wedding photos come to life. They decide on their favorite season, locations, outfits, and scenes to create. For me, this kind of preparation process has a great advantage for the couple. They will have the time to communicate their thoughts on this photo session. Moreover, posing in front of a camera is not everyone’s cup of tea. Discussing everything beforehand will help them minimize all that fuzzy things on site. Plus, it builds up the chemistry between the couple and the photographer. We will have met expectations as a result. That was actually our hope as a company, to gain more connections and friendship along the way, while creating valuable memories. 

By the way, when it comes to expectations, don't you think it is better to communicate it with others? Have a seat and chew the fat. This method in all intents and purposes applies to all kinds of relationships, whether professional, casual friendship, or between family members. Most importantly between you and your significant other.


Cheers to all the relationships we treasure!