Will You Marry Me?
Jul 2021
#moiremax #moirebali

Finding close friends that turn into family is a blessing. This time I got friends that turn to family, and turns out to be the couple that I am going to take photos of. Timothy+Shania were getting married and asked me to be their prewedding photographer. This is the kind of couple who already knew your style, and would have the urge to pull you out of your comfort zone.

Thanks to Timothy+Shania and the team, they successfully pulled me out of my comfort zone. They prepared some unique concepts. It is not normal to me, but it proved to me that it is okay to try something new, out of your comfort zone. The results turned out to be cool and memorable. We even had an owl joining us on this prewedding photoshoot.

Therefore let me also encourage you to get up, little by little, but keep on moving. For the sake of our own growth. I believe there is no growth in comfort, there is no comfort in growth. In this constantly moving, constantly changing era, the only constant we have is the change itself. I’ll be honest with you, when faced with new unfamiliar concepts, the creativity rushes into my brain. It pushed me even further from my comfort zone. I was not comfortable at the beginning, but it is actually kind of fun to picture something we have never seen before in our head, and later on we got to picture it in a photo, making our imagination into reality.

Bali has a new face in my head. These past years our usual Bali prewedding was taken on the beach, in a villa, or by the pool, with pretty dresses and suits. This time we have an owl, an arrow and it’s bow, a blue vintage Chevy, boxing gloves, and many other accessories. Working with this team showed me how great minds think alike. Our imagination and creativity is just as far as how we let ourselves out of our comfort zone.

So please enjoy!!