Will You Marry Me?
Mar 2020
#moiremax #moirejakarta

There are some cities around the world such as New York, Moscow, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo that are entitled as “the city that never sleeps”. Those neon lit cities are full of people hustling and having endless fun at the same time. You can find people that are walking, or talking, or dancing on every corner of the city all around the clock. Just being there will charge up your energy level and pump you up.

 Seeing how people live in those big cities reminds me that the world keeps moving. People around us move along at their own pace. You must have your own pace, but the world will not wait for you. Don’t let the world catch you off guard. Don’t let yourself be too busy “decorating”  your future, and not enjoying the present.  

At some point in the middle of your everyday hustle, you will find your mind says, “That’s it. I need a break.” I’ll say you better listen to that voice and take a break. Especially in times like this. Apparently, working from home is not as fun as it seems. In fact it takes more efforts compared to working at the actual office. I will use this moment to remind you to enjoy the present, because those moments will never come back twice. 

Some people enjoy their leisure time by literally taking a break, doing nothing, taking time off just to relax, stay late, and sleep in. There is also the type of person that prefers to find rest on another person. Coming back home to their family and loved ones or even hanging out with their inner circle. They feel recharged when they meet the people they love. Some married couples prefer to take showers and cuddles in bed all night. Some others put their hobby as their number one leisure. The sure thing is that everybody needs a break sometimes.

What’s yours?