Will You Marry Me?
May 2021
#moireyos #moiresurabaya

Selfless is one character that is difficult to find. Long time ago, we learned that love is a verb. Love is nothing if you don’t act on it. Now this time, we will discuss how to act on love? Which action is considered as love?

     If I come to my mom and ask how do you show your love to me? Her answer would probably be: “When you were younger, in kindergarten, your dad and me would wake up early in order to get you all ready for school, including getting your lunchboxes ready. Now, simply by sitting with you while you are having your meal because I know you don’t like to eat alone.”

     If I ask my brother, he would mention a pint of ice cream as my birthday present is the answer, because he knew how much I love ice cream. My younger brother would say nothing while patting my shoulder and giving me massages because he knew I like shoulder massages. While for me, driving and accompanying my sister window shopping is one way to show love.

     You see, there are too many different ways to show love. I can find one similarity in those actions mentioned above. When we want to show love, we will think of others first. Trying to give what the other people would love to receive. To me this is selfless. Thinking of others’ need before you think of yourself. Fulfilling others needs, before fulfilling our needs. 

     Being a spouse, we will need selflessness. Being a parent requires more selflessness. Just a gentle reminder, selfless is not the opposite of self-love. In fact, it is a way to love yourself. I promise you I will elaborate more about this when we “meet” again.