Will You Marry Me?
Sep 2022
#moirefen #moirejakarta #moirebali

Social media. Who doesn't know social media? Nowadays, almost all people know and use social media. There are so many social media that we can use, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is because through social media, we can interact with friends or families who are far away, find out about political news, entertainments, a place to promote our business, find something we need, and even become a platform to find a mate. Like one of our current couples, Rio and Devienna.

Their love story began through one of the social media, that was Facebook. From there they tried to get to know each other. About 10 years ago, 2012, to be exact, these two people just met and made friends on Facebook without knowing each other personally. One year later, they decided to meet in person. After meeting in person, they got to know each other more and more until finally this year, they decided to get married.

The decision to get married was the most appropriate decision for them after going through many challenges, which they considered as the privileges of their relationship, some of which were having a long distance relationship, and their different backgrounds. But they could handle it all well until this prewedding moment can happen. Dreamy and artsy which focus on moments and gestures are the concepts they choose. The concepts make this couple seem to really enjoy their lives together.
All is perfect and super happy.