Will You Marry Me?
Feb 2020
#moireyos #moiresurabaya

If you notice, there are roughly two types of photos possibly taken during a photo session. First, there is the arranged photo. On the arranged photos, the team will prepare the decoration and settings, and they will ask the couple to pose in a certain way that will look nice on photos. Secondly, there are candid photos. On set, the couple will be asked to relaxly staring at each other, tell jokes, stroking each other’s face, or many other loving gestures. While the couple is doing all that, the photographers will be ready and start capturing photos without cues. 

Some couples are better at posing for candid photos, Levina+Richard most likely belongs to these bunch. We said so, because the studio session was a bit timid for them. Since Levina is a public figure, she is used to posing under the flashing studio lights or at least in front of someone's lense. Not for Richard, this is totally a whole new world for him. Even though all of the concepts were discussed and planned together, he was not really sure about the photo session.  Fortunately, the teamwork between the Moire Team and both Levina+Richard melts the ice. 

Our second photo session took place at a cafe, under the scorching Surabaya sun. I don’t know why, but Surabaya’s unbeaten heat is unlike the heat of any other places. Even under that condition, they both managed to calmly sit, enjoying the photo session. We enjoyed it too much until the latte art on the cappuccino we ordered were gone.

This session was quite memorable for the Moire team. Yos was amazed with Levina+Richard’s persistence, under the heat and circumstances, even when Richard’s friend showed up. The teamwork between Levina+Richard during the meeting and preparation allures Fenty. 


Thanks for the teamwork, team!


Here is Levina+Richard's Engagement Day video.