Will You Marry Me?
Feb 2020
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There are numerous sayings about love all around the world. Some explain how love comes, how it all started. Like this one Javanese saying that goes: 

“Witing tresno jalaran soko kulino,” 

it literally translated as “getting used to someone leads to love”. It is explaining that comfort actually plays an important role in relationships.

Indonesia has abundant of sayings, one about love says:
“Asam di gunung garam di laut bertemu dalam satu belanga.” 

In English would be “Tamarind from up the mountain and salt from the sea meets in the pan.”
Means that soulmates could be two different individuals comes from two different parts of the world. You will never know, your soulmate might be someone who has been around this whole time or even someone you have not met yet.

The Greeks have a mythology about soulmates. Aristophanes stated that humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and two faces. Humans were a great threat to the gods that the gods had to split them all into two beings. They were miserable. Forever longing for his/her other half. Could you imagine the joy they felt when they found their soulmate? Is that how you feel after you found your soulmate? It is pure joy to find the one who comforts you, the one that understands you without any spoken word.

All those sayings or even myths about love may come in different languages, some long, some short. You can find the ones that are very tangible or the ones that pure imagination. 

Eventually it all shows that people are trying to put love into words.  It is not easy…

But when love finally comes knocking on your door, all those sayings melt in one person. When you realise it is love that comes knocking, every single word from those saying makes sense. No more justifying which is true which is imagination. All of a sudden you have your own sayings, understanding, and meaning about love. That is the magic of love.

That was actually happened to this couple. Naaman knew her before they firstly meet and wanted to know her. Long story short, a mutual friend introduced Naaman to Devina.  Then that "hi" and "bye" escalated to more intense texts and dates. Until one day, he popped the question.


We also wanna share with you Naaman+Devina's prewedding video.