Will You Marry Me?
Jan 2020
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When people said about reality, “This is not a movie”, Fendy and Stella proves that movie is reality.

Who could ever thought that what they have acted in the movie is what they soon do in life. In the movie, they are fiances, and now, in reality, they prepare for something more than being a fiancé. All those simple elements; Stella’s voice, every single movement she makes, and on the top of all, her eyes, they all attract Fendy.  

But, anyway, who would ever think that her actions in life matters more than when she acted in the movie?
As deep as he fell for Stella, Stella also sees Fendy just beyond his perfect appearances as an actor. Good looking? All actors are, in different levels. But, charm? It’s all about his personality.

Stella saw this charm as he shows humility and kindness – but this kind of charm may never be expressed by a single
writing like this. It is way more than what is written here. He shows Stella how to keep balance and positive in life.

As family comes first in his life, Stella is convinced that she will always be well taken care off as long as they will live together.

Being with them for several days in Bali, I can certainly tell how lovely they are. No matter what pose they should make, they do it out of their hearts. The breeze of the sea added to the romance, passion, and adoration we felt.  Just as their snaps of our memories in Bali stay forever in their memory book,  we will always cherish the moment we spend with you two.

Happy endings are often told in the movies, aren’t they?  I am sure now they have come to reality!

Blast hope of your happy wedding day, Fendy and Stella.