Will You Marry Me?
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One of the keys to being successful in a relationship is trust. Not only believe in yourself, but also in your partner. Really at first when Rwin met Jess at a party in 2011, Rwin felt insecure to approach Jess. However, Rwin really wanted to get to know Jess more deeply, so he ventured to find a blackberry pin from his friend and started a chat with her. And since then, a sense of trust between them was established and their relationship continues.

However, their relationship did not work as it should (can meet at any time, dating), again their trust was tested. For 7 years they had to undergo a long distance relationship. Yes, for 7 years they had to take care of each other's hearts. After both of them met again, they tried to get to know each other again. Jess realized that Rwin is her support system, and he always gets her back. One time, when Jess made a mistake, Rwin still tried to understand Jess and believed in her that she could change, until finally he totally accepted her for who she was. From there, they believed that God gave them each others and finally they decided to get married.

Preparation for marriage is also very important to them. For the prewedding moment, they entrusted to Moire team and Tiff as their photographer. The reason they chose Tiff, because they fell in love at first sight after seeing Tiff’s style. And they think that there are no photographers in Surabaya whose style is like Tiff's, who prioritizes the moment, making them smile when they see the photos. And yes, again and again trust is needed so that this prewedding moment went smoothly. They only told Tiff "don't make our photo like porn", the rest they entrusted to Tiff.

Finally, their pre-wedding went smoothly. “So far so good, pre-wedding didn't make me tired at all, what was there was happiness, everything seems to be running smoothly like a toll road. There were many amazing moments during our pre-wedding, starting from meeting beautiful flower fields, supportive weather, a team that was really like friends, so I didn't feel like I was in a pre-wedding session, it was like a vacation," said Jess to the Moire team.

That's it, we must trust ourselves, and the supportive people around us so that we can achieve the success we want.