Will You Marry Me?
May 2020
#moireyos #moiresurabaya

Everyone is still struggling through this pandemic. For us Moire Family, this pandemic means that most of us would work from home. We took our computers home and set our small office corners at home. We sanitize our 5 storey office and minimize the number of people working at the office daily.

For you that never knew about this, our partner Sarangberkreasi is located on the second, third, and fifth floor of our office. Each floor is equipped with different backgrounds, properties, and settings to cater your photoshoot needs. We took these prewedding photos of Antonio+Hellena in our third floor studio.

Sarang’s third floor studio is blessed with a big window, where the natural sunlight can strike through. These photos were taken during those times where the sunlight was decent, not too strong. This time Yos was behind the camera. With minimalism as the concept, less is more is our motto during the photo session. Playing around with her dress and twirling under the watch of Antonio, Hellena enjoyed the princessy vibe she liked.

“Less is more.”