Will You Marry Me?
Apr 2020
#moirefen #moiremelbourne

Things does not always work as planned for couples facing a long distance relationship (LDR). Thank God for technology, it helped us to be closer to the ones far away. Nowadays we have FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, you name it. But I also did find some people which definitely won’t survive LDR. The daily urge to simply meet and chat with the significant other is torturing them. 

“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.”  First time reading that quote I felt like “why? what for?” Then a friend explained that during their LDR, she and her couple managed to have time to evaluate their life. Focusing on their daily routines, their work and achievements. As simple as learning to drive a car. When her boyfriend is around, she would just need to wait. Her boyfriend will come pick her up and drive her around. Now, she has all the time to learn and also be an independent lady.

“Communication is key,” they say. Well, communication is actually the key of every relationship, whether it is a LDR or not.Could you imagine the struggle for LDR couples to find the perfect time between you and him to make a call, your day time might be his night time. All that adjustments and new arrangements.  But some of my friends also say that not being clingy, and not communicating excessively is also key. Communicating will be the only thing to keep the bond between you two. I guess it is all about balance.

Antonio+Hellena balanced it nicely, they are a couple from Surabaya. This unique couple admits that no day goes by without meeting each other. Surprisingly they also managed to survive LDR. Antonio was in Hangzhou for his study, during that 6 months LDR, apparently they managed to catch up for every 2 months. Lucky them, right? On the other hand, they meet daily when both are in town. So I think I can say that their love has already passed the test of distance and time.

Love you guys!