Will You Marry Me?
Dec 2020
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A coffeeshop in the West Surabaya area was the place where we first met. We discussed their prewedding concept, how they want it to be done. Amanda likes architecture and in love with the buildings in India, and of course their Majestic Taj Mahal. That’s why Albert+Amanda decided to have their prewedding session in India. We were also excited, it will be our first trip to India.

We had our India prewedding session during the first wave of Corona Virus pandemic. The virus started to spread in all other places, India not just yet got affected. We went along with our plans, with some extra safety protocol, like putting on masks in public places.

Our flight departed from Surabaya, we had a lay-over in Singapore for several hours, then from Singapore straight to New Delhi. Once we touched down in New Delhi, we continued our trip by land to Agra. Taj Mahal is a must visit site when in Agra. It’s complex which includes a mosque and a guest house, and surrounded by gardens and a crenellated wall was really a marvelous mausoleum. From Agra, we continued to 2 other cities. We visited Jaipur and Jaisalmer too.

It was really fun being around Albert+Amanda. They are cute to each other, they made the prewedding session really fun, and our team cooperated well. Our team consists of me, a videographer, and a make up artist. A stylist was also helping us to arrange the outfit for each photo site. There in India we tried their local foods, put on their traditional costumes, and tried to do what the locals do. Apparently Amanda and our make up artist love Indian foods. All the spices and colors mesmerized them.

I personally think we were lucky to have the moment of this prewedding session right before India’s government decided to put the whole country under a total lockdown. As a first-timer, I think this India trip was a really great one. For those who like cultural architecture, having a photo session in India can be one of the unusual options.