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A collection of frozen expressions throughout our exciting journeys

Sherly & Steven by Philip

Aileen & Yohanes by Max

The Power of Love
Robert & Prety by Max

The First
Pieter & Ingrid by Max

The Notebook
Pieter & Ingrid by Max

The Meaning of Love
Yessica & Siegit by Max

Fredy & Yunita by Max

I am Yours
Anthony & Yunita by Max


Noteworthy events exclusively made to spread happiness

Our Qualifications

Devoted and witty people teamed up together to embrace your wildest imagination

Professional Photography

Snap here, snap there. We capture your most exquisite sides with ease. Not just appearance, but your character as well.

Realistic Makeup

Say no to acne and bad hair day. We will enhance your beauty and make you confident with yourself like never before.

Fresh and New Concepts

Let's start with an idea  and we will help you through its realization. Places, wardrobe, props, choreo are creatively conjured by us.

Complete To-Dos

Successful result comes from a meticulous planning. Every allocation of time, energy, and budget are smartly managed.