Dec 2020
The Year 2020: a kaleidoscope.

It is a year like never before. 2020 has been a challenge for each and every one of us. A year that taught us a lot, helped us to see the essence of each moment in life. The whole world is shaken. Shaken from our comforts, habits, and customs.

Shaken and stirred, we are forced to change. Face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings. Overseas prewedding sessions to domestic sessions. The hardest yet, minimizing wedding receptions into intimate ones. To be honest with you, we are grateful that even though meetings virtualized, trips cancelled, and parties minimized, hope still remains. 

We have learned to see things differently. Intimate weddings only allow a small circle of family and close friends to attend, yet hope and prayers for the new family remains. We have seen how intimate are the weddings during this pandemic, yet the newlyweds still share their happiness virtually through online streaming, sending away souvenirs, and many other ways to share. 

Moreover, we are grateful to still be part of your love story. Be with you on your big days. Capturing moments and sharing the love through images. The efforts you have been through to build a new family shows that beside hope, faith also shows up during these hardships. Your faith to God and to each other builds your path to a lifetime journey. 

We are glad to see that love as the base of your relationship grows faith and bare hope as the fruits. How two souls become one, how a family of two, grow into three.

We do hope in 2021 we will keep spreading love, growing faith, and always have hope.