I Do
Jun 2020

Out of nowhere, popped this Coronavirus. The outbreak actually started in December 2019. This virus stirred the whole world under a pandemic. Big cities of some countries being given travel warnings. Travelers from or to those certain countries being quarantined for at least 14 days on their arrival. Including the destination countries for our pre-wedding sessions during the first semester of 2020.

Couples were flustered and confused, did not really know what to do. Creating scenarios, trying to stick to our travelling schedule as planned. Some couples were given a strong suggestion by their parents, considering their long-term plan, they postponed their pre-wedding, as well as their wedding. Some prefer to change their destination.. Bali, Sumba, Jogja to name a few. We are all faced with uncertainty. Most schedules and events in the first semester of 2020 were postponed.

I began to think, is it a big deal if the event got postponed? What are the impacts of it?  Because for me personally, the event itself is just a symbol of my gratitude. True that I might want to celebrate with some friends and more relatives. But I realized that the essence of the event is that me and my spouse said our vow, in front of God and parents. Most importantly how we as newlyweds apply it in our marriage life. So for me, I would rather have a smaller intimate matrimony.

Like a few days back, I got the chance to shoot at a private event. A vow renewal, on their 11th wedding anniversary. What’s really cute is their 3 kids sitting in the front row, witnessing them re-exchange their vows. I came to a conclusion, it is okay to reduce the guest numbers, but do not miss the essence.

Let's celebrate your love, we are willing to be part of it. Share your thoughts about it to us, we will help to make it happen. Don’t let the situation dictate your moves.