Jul 2020

For some people, birthdays are full with celebration. Cake slicing, candle blowing and other birthday rituals. Some of us even used to receive presents tied with pretty ribbons on our birthdays. Every person has their own ways to celebrate.

This girl that we crossed paths with, celebrates by giving. Her name is Jessica. Every year Jessica would find a certain cause that touches her heart and raise funds for that cause. Thank God for her compassionate and sensitive heart to see the needs around her. 

This year, on her 26th birthday, a specific cause has been in her heart for quite some time. It is the disabled community, and actually she found a new better word to represent them. DIFFABLE, DIFFerently ABLE. That is actually true, they are able to do things, even though they might do it in different ways. Jessica believes that all of humankind has been created in the image of God, and so are all deserving of the same respect and honour - irrespective of their ability or diffability.

Moire approached her and asked to have a virtual photoshoot with her. She shared her thoughts about “donate her birthday away” project. Later on, we agreed to support her project of raising awareness and raising funds for diffable communities via Terartai and Abilitas.id. We had a session taking her photos virtually. In our virtual photoshoot session Jessica put on a blue scarf from Terartai. We took some beautiful virtual portraits of her. And also, not to forget to involve some flowers, since Jessica loves flowers. 

A week after her birthday, Jessica spent one Saturday painting with Terartai and students of Kyriakon Special Needs School. Their painting was about hope, as the tag for this year’s donation The Beginning of Hope. There is hope for a better diffabled community in Indonesia. Hope for a better future for kids with diffabilities. Jessica is laying the seeds of hope for us, for them, and their parents. Let’s nurture it together.

You can book a virtual photoshoot session with us and mention “HOPE15” to donate to her fundraiser.

Here are some virtual photos taken of Jessica, and some of her painting session with Terartai and the kids