Family Portraiture
Apr 2020

Never had I imagined I would live in this kind of situation. We ought to stay home as much as we can. True, months ago when everything was “normal” we found ourselves nagging our friends, searching for nearest national holidays, and planning short escapes on weekends. I remember trying hard to escape daily working responsibility and would choose mall hopping or even staying at home all day over anything.

Now with all the #dirumahaja thingy, it is totally the opposite. Being home all day all week seems to be the only option we got. It is hard for most people because it is not their normal habit. We created the term “work from home” where in real life, it is not as fun as we imagined. Well, I am writing on behalf of those extroverted communities out there. Nowadays  going out for monthly grocery shopping turns out to be something worth celebrating.

For our introverted fellow, this might be the moment they have been waiting for. A valid reason to stay home and not go out. But I am certain, this kind of valid reason is also not what they had in mind before. The world is struggling, in the process of recovery. Make sure we did not waste any second we have.

Moments at home with our family should be something we are grateful for, to be treasured. Together we can make time fly by faster, doing activities at home. So far, some have turned into master chef, busy cooking and prepping meals for the family. Others are busy cleaning and decluttering their wardrobe. Dads found busy fixing home appliances they never have time to fix before. Musical instruments being played from around the neighborhood. Not to mention the blue sky and fresh air outside as the advantage of #dirumahaja. It is all worth to be treasured.

Not to ruin all the fun, a reminder for all of us. Do not be swayed by the situation. We can put our feet up and rest a bit. Remember that when it all passes, we will strive again, going back to our daily habit. All those businesses and fun jobs we have will rise again, together. 

So, let’s make our next chapter the best chapter!