I Do
Aug 2020

Do you remember? The first time you meet each other. The first call. The first date. The first anniversary. The proposal. The engagement day. The wedding day. The milestones you have passed together… how sweet it was. 

Then will come your wedding anniversary. May also be followed with the first time you hear your child’s heartbeat.That sound warmed your heart, made it pound along with the beat you hear. It is all worth it to be celebrated and cherished. 

As time goes by it is possible for those excitement to fade away. You won’t like it when it happens. So many simple daily things could be the reason. But just like any plant, love needs to be nurtured and maintained. One of the things we believe could help is to celebrate your relationship milestones.

This is a post about how Elisa+Fedora celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. They started their wedding journey with a forthcoming plan, celebrating their milestones along the way. It is interesting to me knowing that they have their 10th wedding anniversary planned ahead. Turned out they have the chance to have it as how they dreamed it to be.

Fedora loves to have a hold on special moments, she loves to have it captured in photographs. They wanted an intimate and simple celebration. Given the situation, they arranged a small evening party at a rooftop. In front of their family and 2 beautiful daughters, they renewed their wedding vow.  A vow renewal took place as the main event. It reminded them that their relationship is now stronger than ever. Fedora said that it is a first step, starting the double-digits year stronger, and ready to face the future.

Why does it need to be celebrated?
Because in relationships, in marriage, you both grow together. Defining yourselves as a couple, as teammates, supporting each other all the way. It is not always a smooth path, and deserves to be celebrated. I hope this set of photos inspire you to celebrate your own milestones.