Feb 2022
Complexity Delivers Quality
#moiremax #analogcamera #analogfilm

Analog cameras are currently being favored by professional photographers and photographers who have just learned to explore the science of photography. Essentially, a simple definition of an analog camera is a camera that does not have a "digital function" to capture images in the form of film media that does not have a sensor to create a digital image.


Why are analog cameras being used again? We know that digital cameras are widespread in the current era. That is because of the image quality they have. The image quality that can be achieved from a film camera is the best and the image is definitely very clear. The results are softer tones, more calming mood, and of course everlasting, so that we can still enjoy the results for the next 10-15 years and it makes us always remember the memories/ what moments we have done that time. The same is not possible with digital cameras. After about 8 years of shooting using a digital camera, I miss the advantages that are hard to get when using a digital camera.


The specific techniques that had to be learned when using an analog camera allowed me more understand what photography is based on, that is lighting. Mastery of regulating light is very important and crucial because it will affect the results. Before shooting, there are several things that need to be considered because the hope of using an analog camera is that it does not require editing in post production. They are the location of shooting, shooting time because you have to pay attention to the light source, type of light, position and appearance of the muse (costume, makeup and hair do), and the type of film will be used.


The use of analog cameras is quite difficult because the results cannot be seen directly. Therefore, I, as the photographer who use analog camera, become more careful while shooting and it makes me more sensitive to all factors in the shooting process. I can't say “let’s do editing in the post production, yeah, BIG NO for that. So, for the clients, better you follow the instruction from the photographer. Not being able to see the results directly between the shoots made many clients feel afraid/ doubtful even though they already knew the results and standards of Moire's shooting. From here, we need consistency from Moire to always show off our work, using digital camera or analog camera, on our social media. WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DONE.