Jan 2020
Videography: Videography
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Randy+Chelsey is one of our clients that really knows what they want. They even decided to plan a wedding since their first date. They had that click on their first meeting, Chelsey said that it felt like they knew each other. Being together for a year, all the distance and cultural differences did not hinder them.

Randy planned to do the proposal in the traditional western way. He came to Canada, had a private talk with Chelsey’s dad, and asked his permission to marry Chelsey. Her father saw that Chelsey was happy around Randy, he gave the permission for Randy to marry Chelsey. Randy got down on one knee while they walked along the lake, on a chilly Canadian sunset.

This couple wanted the photo session and their wedding to be fun and memorable. They were actually both private in their personal life. But look on how Randy danced to enter the wedding venue. Can you feel his happiness?