The Proposal
Jun 2022
#moiremax #moireyos

A positive attitude can set off a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. A positive attitude will also affect what will happen around us, and of course we want happiness. Happiness is not something that just happens, it comes from our own actions.

Via Vallen, who doesn't know this homeland artist, someone who has positive vibes wherever she is. Not only to her family, but also to her fans and new people around him. And sure enough, we ourselves had proven it.

This time, we had the opportunity to capture the happy moments of Via Vallen and her lover, Chevra Yolandi. We really enjoyed our time with this couple. They are very friendly, easy-going, and humble. So at this moment, it seems like there was no distance between us and them. Starting from meetings, discussions about photos, and related matters, everything felt very homey. During the shoot, the situation became very calm and comfortable. This was also supported by the families of the bride and groom who were also very friendly. During the event, we really felt like we were part of this happy family. We also even sang, danced together. It was really a very festive event and brought happiness to both of them and to anyone who saw it.

In the end, we hope that moments like this will continue until the next shooting sessions. BE A BEAUTIFUL SOUL SO PEOPLE MISS YOUR GOOD VIBES.