Family Portraiture
Jan 2021
The Bachdims: Soon to be 5!

Third Bachdim baby is coming your way! This time, this kind-hearted and humble lady is pregnant with a baby boy. By the day I'm writing this, The Bachims are on D-30 from the due date. They are preparing the baby’s room, baby cot, the hospital bag, and every other detail to welcome him.

The previous week, Jennifer got a surprise bridal shower prepared by her beloved friends. She even shed some happy tears. The past few weeks, Jenn’s parents are in Indonesia, spending some time with the whole gang. I believe it was awesome to be surrounded with your loved ones, especially when you are pregnant during this pandemic situation.

Kiyomi and Kenji are thrilled to meet the baby every time they visit their Ob/Gyn to have an ultrasound. It was always the moment they are looking forward to. This baby boy certainly will add so much love and joy to the family. Luckily, we had the chance to have a photoshoot for the whole fambam.

We picked Bali as the location, since they are currently staying in Bali. We crossed paths with Samabe Bali Suites & Villas, and their beautiful private beach. We also worked together with Malvava. We had fun while taking their family photoshoot. Date is decided, we did the test prior to the flight, and we flew to Bali by plane. We took some photos near Samabe's beautiful chapel, some photos in one of their spacious villas and private pool, also some other at the beach.

There were two looks for Jennifer, the first one is a robe by Robe Studio, the second one is a dress by Nerveux The Label. Looking graceful yet powerful, as always. Irfan’s wardrobe is provided by The Closet Bali, and the kids’ outfit is from Phinisia. The kids did a great job having this family photoshoot. They were looking fine, under the bright sun on Nusa Dua’s side.

We hope our family photoshoot session was a memorable one. 

Some believe that one way to lessen the jealousy of a sibling to their new baby sibling is by trying to involve them. Involving them in the preparation process gives them the chance to take part in the journey. The Bachdims involved Kiyomi and Kenji while assembling the baby’s cot, it was a wonderful time. 

We also heard, weeks leading & prior to the baby’s due date, relatives tend to visit while bringing gifts for the baby. As parents, we might want to prepare some gifts for the older siblings. Congratulating them for being a big brother/sister to the newborn baby. We don’t want them to feel unloved or left out. Make sure that our intention is not to spoil them with gifts or keep them busy while parents’ focus is fully on the newborn.

Cheers for your next journey as afamily of 5, The Bachdims!