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There’s this ‘hidden’ paradise that our team had been trying to introduce to our portfolio for quite sometime. Located at the northern part of Seram Island of the Moluccas (Maluku), Ora Beach seems to remain untouched by humans; everything there just looks so pristine, au naturel and I just have no words for it. To put it simply, Ora Beach has one of the most breathtaking views and it exudes atmosphere that no city-dwellers can truly appreciate from their daily life.

When I got to meet these two PRECIOUS lovebirds, Hardian & Anita, I can’t help but notice that they are a couple made for each other, totally smitten in love. Our ideas and discussions couldn’t have gone any smoother. Excited as they were, they humbly decided to give us their complete trust to handle all the concepts and locations for the shoot. My-cheeky-self then suggested some wild ideas for locations for the shoot. And, there we went, to the ‘Hidden Paradise’ of Moluccas.

Despite its renowned beauty that everyone raved so much about, Ora Beach is completely remote. And by ‘remote’ I meant we have to go through: One nauseating ferry trip from the nearest airport to get to the island, two to three long hours of raw & extreme roads on land (though it seemed way longer because of the terrain), and another trip by a small boat just to reach the spot.

But, it was all worth it. I remember muttering to myself: ‘Woah….’. I took a glance to their direction, and they too are in awe. The place really lives up to its name, we thought. Everything thereon just went as planned, even better, in fact. The weather at the time was a dream that any photographer could possibly ask for: perfect; I was indeed very lucky to be there with the most humble yet unflagging couple the whole throughout. They too seem to be in the moment, trying to treasure these moments in their life. And, those are of utmost importance for us, the essence of this whole trip, the energy that I want to portray. And everything paid off; The results? They are everything that we were looking for, and more.

Every trip had to come to an end, but a whole new journey for Hardian & Anita still await.

Wishing you two well warming wishes & great joy.

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