Charming Souls


The sweetest couple, Sigiet & Yessica.


Both of them really love the enchanting scenic feel of Europe, with their historic building & castles. A very classic romantic feel to it just makes them reminisce the love for each other. The fact that they reside in Probolinggo made me wonder if it was too troublesome for them to meet us in Surabaya to discuss about the trip, but they didn’t seem to mind at all. I personally feel honored to be trusted as their photographer despite the troubles they had to go through, and I was pretty determined to make this trip worthwhile for them too.


Sigiet & Yessica are two genuine charming souls; One day, we received a box (read: satu KARDUS) full of ripe & sweet mangoes from Probolinggo, and we couldn’t get enough of it, it was THAT good!! And so, after a couple of discussion & meetings in our studio we are all set to go to Europe *feeling determined*.


LONDON, became the primary backdrop of their love story this time. It was around spring, so everything is just lush green, serene & romantic. Both of them are so comfortable with each other on-set, that this session feels like a breeze for everyone. We didn’t even realize we had all our shots taken ahead of schedule. We even ended up having some extra time to spare. And so, to end our trip here in London, they invited me and Malva, our MUA at the time, to join them to go to the famous Warner Bros. ‘Harry Potter’ Studio there.


It was also magical, to say the least, being there with them once again on their wedding day, and to be able to capture some loving moments on the day of their life.


Warm regards,



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