Being Casual


Jennifer is a relative of one of our most-loyal clients: Hendrix & Sally.

Sally, who is Jennifer’s cousin, managed to convince Jennifer & Thomas to have us as their photographer.


Jennifer & Thomas are the loveliest; Some interesting facts about the two: Jen is from Indonesia and works in Australia, and Thomas is an Australian who works in Indonesia (Papua). What are the odds right? Even I still got mixed up with their domicile sometimes. Love knows no boundaries, eh?

Since they were both in a long distance relationship, they decided to meet us halfway in New Zealand. Making it a Vacation-slash-PreWedding Trip, they say.


Upon arriving to Middle-Earth (pardon my Lord of The Ring slang), we were immediately struck by a little misfortune. The airline happened to misplaced some of our luggage which contains our MUA’s makeup prop and some of Jennifer’s gowns for the shoot. We were left disappointed by the Airline’s respond to our plea at the airport, and decided, instead of feeling begrudged about it, to make-do with what we got at that moment.


We spent the first day strolling around and took a couple of casual shots. I guess the scenic feature of New Zealand just captivates us all along the walk. Our first day was as beautiful as the other day there, despite the baggage disaster that happened earlier. We ended up loving our casual shoots as much as the more formal romantic shoots, which was what Jen formerly requested.


I think our baggage incident have taught us a lesson.

Sometimes, we just have to be casual about things in life.

Who’d have known that in the end we’d got something better out of it.


Cherish the most precious moments,

Stay in love!