Tales of the Two


The Two Souls;
Boy meets girl - a sacred bond of husband and wife.
A tale of two cities;
City of Lights & The Lost City

The first two steps;
I realized that Nelson & Isabella are two of the brightest people/client I have known. They love the idea of having two contrasting city for their trip’s backdrop; then, I suggested we head to the romantic Paris, France & the exotic Santorini, Greece.
The first day;
One thing that I almost immediately notice when we start the shoot, is that both of them are very stiff on set. I really don’t know why, but it’s really the cutest thing that has happened all this time I’ve been a photographer. So, our first one or two locations have to be renamed as: 101 Modeling Crash Course Spot. Just kidding! It was real fun nonetheless. Hope you guys still have it in you, and the next time we meet, I’m going to have to test: STRIKE A POSE!
The first impression;
Santorini was one of my dream trip. Little did the couple know that Santorini is one of the hottest spot to deal with, both hottest as a tourist spot, and hottest as in REALLY HOT & HUMID. Nearing the end of our Santorini visit, they said to me, “this is our first, and LAST trip to Santorini”. Had to chuckle at that, but it was all worth it. Santorini really live up to the name, the shades of blue along the cliff, crisscrossing stairwell, and subtle rustic feel to everything.
The first meal;
3200 kilometers away from Santorini, we arrived in Paris the City of Light. It was lovely, as usual. Both, Nelson & Isabella seemed to love strolling around the lively city. So, I managed to spare some time to take them to some new spots in Paris. The light breezy weather is somewhat refreshing (after our Santorini drama). In the morning, we had to wake up real early, and we didn’t have the time to get/have a proper breakfast. And to our surprise, our driver managed to snatch some lite-meals for us beforehand; So, there we were in our car at the break of dawn, having the unexpected-first-meal-of-the-day in the romantic Paris. The little precious things that made this trip worthwhile.
Keep practicing your poses you two,
Till next time!

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