The Beautiful Shades | Ryan & Utha


The packed-ice crystals have just overcoated Tokyo few months ago. With no doubt, it must have covered almost the roof of the skyscrapers, malls, and fancies new-built restaurants. Yet the funny thing is, just as spring concludes summer, the story of Ryan and Utha is quite a proof how love can also break the ice.


Utha was once as cold as the snow, but as unswerving, unchanging as its whiteness! So as you might guess, Ryan bends over backwards  just to get to know her better. Whenever he approached her,  he stumbled many times. He went from one tactic to another, but none of them worked out. Then he was on a point where he thought maybe he was just not strong enough to break her crystal walls.  


So, he turned from being over-confident to the man he actually is. He simply asked her to have some coffee together, and it worked out. So yeah, They finally dated!


But just like other relationships, there has been always the ups and down. But over such slippery path, Ryan carried her through. As time passed by, he started to see various, indescribable and beautiful shades of her. Out of her cold personality, her smile, laughs, understanding, all shifted his perspective. True, you never feel the smoothness of  snow if you never touch it, nor see the other color if you dwell on the surface.


Since then, she becomes the sakura in his Spring.

Months passed by and the feelings he has for her have just gone to the limit. They arrived on that very special day that they both would never forget for the rest of their life. They were then just sitting on a huge branch under a tree. Ryan bravely asked Utha if she wants him to be on her very side every time she opens her eyes in the morning. That’s sweet, like goodness! She nodded,


“ I ‘d love to, not just every morning, but throughout every season, I would be very glad to spend it with you.”  


Now on,  Ryan looking forward to the different places that they will travel together, in whatever seasons it may be. On the top of all, Ryan can’t wait to see more shades of Utha throughout infinity.



by Max