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Never really thought I could be a part of this two coolest people’s journey of love. Quiet honestly, they are one of the quirkiest couple I have ever met. Their hobbies include: Culinary & Travelling; I mean, “what a cliché of a hobby”, I first thought! But, our trip proved otherwise, culinary & travelling is definitely not their hobby, it’s their LIFE;

Never change Indra & Karen, never change. *dramatic tone*

Fact: Indra & Karen always know what they want from the very start.

Rewinding months before our trip, way before we agreed on our itinerary, they came up with a list of detailed stuffs regarding their Prewedding. And before I even explained Moire’s Europe package, they told our team to scratch Paris & Rome from the list. They are very particular in what they want, but not the obnoxious kind, fortunately so! They are in fact very open to suggestions, as long as we steer clear from the mainstream concepts, and we were so stoked to do so. The more we discuss about the details of our trip, the more excited we were to embark on this trip. We planned for a 21 days trip – that’s three weeks, yikes -, but the schedule didn’t allow us; In the end we settled with 18-days trip throughout Europe.

Our preparation for the trip seemed to take almost as much time and energy as the trip itself. Karen, who happens to be an aspiring fashion designer & creative director of her own label RENKA, prepared some dresses that she hoped could be worn during the shoot. But after having a discussion with our stylist, she had to let go some of the dress due to concept clash and had to prepare whole new looks. Indra, on the other hand, was very open to suggestions as to what he’d wear. Again, some of the reasons why we think Indra-Karen is one of our best client to date.

As for our trip, it went incredibly smooth, except the fact that these two really detest waking up early. I had to personally remind them each and every night to start the day early so we could explore more. Kept smiling to myself thinking about that, actually. But overall, it was a smooth sail, it’s one of those that felt more like a holiday and a relaxing trip rather than packed and rushed ones. We got to explore 6 beautiful cities and 5 countries around Europe, tons of amazing photos; some of which were our very best to date. And, lets not forget about their hobby, Culinary. Oh, boy, the stuffs that we devoured during the trip.

Personally, I feel honored to have Indra & Karen as a client, and even more proud to have them as friends.

And, truly heartfelt congratulations for your marriage earlier this year, may you two grew closer each and every year together as husband & wife.

Stay quirky & in touch,



PS: Fancy another Beatus caramelized butter crab in Surabaya? I’m always ready, guys!