When in London


I am always grateful for another job opportunities, especially when a satisfied couple referred people to my work, I really am thankful. I guess that’s how I know this humble guy Ricky and his then-girlfriend, Stephanie. Ricky happens to be Hendrix’s older brother, whose Pre-Wedding & Wedding day I had the opportunity to shoot some time back. It is Ricky & Stephanie’s turn, and it looks like they were impressed with my work for Hendry-Sally’s; and, so they wanted me to be part of their wedding too; truly proud moment there *insert smiley face*.


Ehem, So, anyway, when we were in London, Ricky also asked me to help him with his proposal to Stephanie, which turned out to be successful, of course *chuckles*. Another Mission Accomplished!


Then, we got on to the serious stuffs, their Pre-Wedding shoot. London was crazy, like usual. Crazy beautiful that is. I believe there’s nowhere on earth that can match the aura and ambience of its cityscape. London to me will always be perfect for any couple because of its versatility. I remembered someone told me this, “A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else”, and yes I will vouch for that, definitely. Our shoot was another fun breeze; couple of days just went by with many effortless shots of the happy couple around the always-magical London.

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