Beautiful Days in a Summer Paradise


Raymond is a dear friend of mine back from Senior High. One day he contacted me with some good news; He popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Fungnie, to marry him. I got ahead of myself apparently, because I agreed immediately to help with whatever they need for their wedding. And as it turned out, Ray & Fungnie did want me on board as their photographer. They thought having me, as their photographer and as a friend, would help them ease up their mind in the midst of this hectic process of their wedding. And, I couldn’t agree more. That’s what I would do too, hopefully soon, I think. *fingers crossed*


Ray & Fungnie is a nature-loving couple. They love being outdoors and ended up picking Bali as their PreWedding backdrop. I personally think Bali has so many potentials, and somewhat magical. It has many beautiful landscapes to explore, and it seems to put everyone in a holiday kind of mood. Which truly helped a lot of couples to enjoy themselves & feeling relaxed in the middle of photoshoot sessions. I know some people would think, oh Bali again. But hey, I’m sure there are parts of Bali people have never been before, and I can assure you I’m willing to explore it with anyone. Ray & Fungnie’s session was no different, it was one of the breeziest I’ve had in Bali. I managed to capture their playful lovey-dovey side of these two, even though I’m sure they’ve been there lots of times before.

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