Wedding Ricky & Stephanie


Ricky is Hendrix’s older brother, whose PreWedding & Wedding day I had the opportunity to shoot some time back. It is now Ricky & Stephanie’s turn, and it looks like they were somewhat impressed with my work for Hendry-Sally’s; and, so they wanted me to be part of their wedding too; truly proud moment there *insert smiley face*. Ehem, So, anyway, when we were in London, Ricky also asked me to help him with his proposal to Stephanie, which turned out to be successful, of course *chuckles*. Another Mission Accomplished!

Then, we got on to the serious stuffs, their Pre-Wedding shoot. London was crazy, like usual. Crazy beautiful that is. I believe there’s nowhere on earth that can match the aura and ambience of its cityscape. London to me will always be perfect for any couple because of its versatility. Our shoot was a breeze, couple of days just went by with many effortless shots of the happy couple around London.

On the happy wedding day, I immediately felt right at home. It brings back those time I spent with the family. Hendrix & Sally, Davin & Lisa, and the families that I have met in the previous weddings. It didn’t feel like a job at all, more like a little rendezvous with their friends & family. Thank you Ricky & Stephanie, it was an honor to witness your beautiful wedding, and also to be a part of it.

I wish you two well. God Bless.